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USB Audio Player PRO 2.0.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 04/08/2015 - 21:43
Size: 10.82 MB
Category: Music & Audio

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USB Audio Player PRO 2.0.2

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Using USB Audio Player PRO 2.0.2 can flash music upon the phone is connected via OTG cable manage. The player plays all the music of the highest quality possible. This program is compatible together mostly android-os devices and has good speed. bolster various resolutions, without the need to rooted your phone supports 10 different bands, supports all audio formats, bolster network, etc. The features of this player is.

Some features of the USB Audio Player PRO Android:
✦ playback wav / flac / ogg / mp3 / aiff (even wav 32 and 64 bit)
✦ Use a USB audio DAC connected together a cable OTG (if your android-os device supports USB host and consistent together it)
✦ spread to native 32-bit / 384kHz or rate / resolution of your DAC bypass audio system together full bolster for Android. Players do not allow any another android-os and the 16-bit and 48kHz usually been limited.
✦ Using Playlists Android. Playing albums or playlists you create a list of songs
✦ gapless playback
✦ play .m4a files, etc. depending upon your android-os device
✦ playing the background (you can turn off your screen, and go to another program while the program is playing)
✦ Converter sample (Sample rate) (if your DAC sample rate of the audio file does not bolster a higher sample rate conversion, if available, or if the top is not available)
✦ No need to rooted or a client kernel
✦ Volume Control Software
✦ Shuffle / repeat

Compatible with:
• Alo Audio The International
• Audiolab M-Dac
• Audioquest Dragonfly
• Benchmark DAC 1 HDR
• Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100
• Centrance Dacport LX / HiFi M8
• Cypherlabs AlgoRhythm Solo
• DacPort LX
• FiiO E7 / E10 / E17 / E18
• Go Vibe DAC
• HiFimeDIY Sabre U2
• HRT Microstreamer
• Ibasso D-Zero / D55 / D6 / D7

- usb audio player pro for android wap.

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